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December 17 2013

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December 09 2013

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Hold on, let me put away fucking Henry VIII’s milk

i swear i tried not to reblog this.

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December 06 2013

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so embarrassed I don’t wanna talk about it

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October 16 2012

On the left is Rosalind Franklin, who’s stunning X-Ray crystallography images of DNA (one of which, down the centre of a double helix, is shown on the right) aided Crick and Watson in their discovery of DNA structure.
via Little Microbiology Blog • On the left is Rosalind Franklin, who’s stunning...
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September 04 2012

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September 03 2012

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August 19 2012

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July 20 2012

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everything ;)
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May 05 2012

May 04 2012

April 23 2012

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Had to reblog this, want it so much. 

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March 10 2012

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February 10 2012

February 09 2012

February 06 2012

< CoJaBo> E.g., just because you ask for a JPEG, doesn't mean the user won't find a way submit a ZIP containing the complete and unabridged works of Beatoven in MP3 format :P (and yes, that really happened)
< s3a> lol
< Visage> CoJaBo, Beatoven? Good god, man.
< Visage> Beethoven.
< Visage> Unless there's an artist named Beatoven out there that I don't know about. :)
< CoJaBo> No, Beat-Oven. Its the local band I now intend to form just to spite you.
< CoJaBo> :P
< Visage> You spite me every day with your horrible typing.
QDB: Quote #307576
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January 22 2012

Play fullscreen
Deaf Metal Commercial
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January 19 2012

Bear Pong

Submitted by: uniter77
Posted at: 2012-01-15 22:24:40
See full post and comment: http://9gag.com/gag/1861728

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January 10 2012

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